Spring Exercises You Have to Try

Exercises That Take Advantage of the Nice Weather

Has it finally stopped snowing?

Spring Exercises You Have to Try
Are we positive?

Okay, good!

One thing we love about spring is the simple pleasure found in finally being able to enjoy the outdoors again without shivering under ten layers of clothing. Your exercise routine can enjoy a similar breath of fresh air.

No more running in place on a treadmill like a hamster or strength training in the bowels of some dank gym. It’s time to shake off those winter doldrums and let the sun shine down on your exercise routine! Here are some great springtime exercises you just have to try.


Perfect for lakes, ponds, and calm rivers, stand up paddle boarding tightens your core and improves your balance and cardiovascular health. Many paddle boarders express a great sense of tranquility found on the still waters thanks to the patience and need to literally go with the flow that stand up paddle boarding requires.

Just be prepared to go for a few dips until you get your rhythm down.

Frisbee Golf

When we say this one’s a walk in the park, we mean it!

Frisbee golf is similar to its traditional counterpart, swapping golf balls for discuses and holes for baskets or nets. Spending an hour walking through a park is great for maintaining your cardio while allowing you the time to stop and smell the roses. The act of hurling a discus is great for toning your arms in addition to improving hand-eye coordination.

With the popularity of Frisbee golf spreading, lots of city parks are beginning to install courses. Check with your city’s Parks and Recreation Department to find one near you.


What better way to take in the countryside than with your own two feet. Plan out a day and drive up to the out-of-the-way farmland, state park, or nature preserve that you’ve been meaning to visit. Be sure to bring plenty of water and a good pair of running shoes. Pace yourself and make time to take in the beautiful scenery as you exercise. This will not only improve your overall health but encourage mental focus and revitalization as well.

You can even incorporate photography into your jog if you can carry a small camera in your waist pack or pocket as long as it doesn’t impede with your stride.


A misconception around horseback riding is that it must be cost prohibitive. But no one ever said you had to own your own horse and barn. Many stables will allow you to rent a horse to ride for the day. And don’t worry, no one expects you to ride like Clint Eastwood. You can pair up with a steed that fits your experience and comfort level.

Not only do you get fresh air and the adventure of exploring nature trails on horseback, you’ll be tightening your core muscles and toning your abs while you ride. Horseback riding also does wonders for your leg muscles including quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

No matter what your spring entails be sure to include plenty of fresh air and sunlight in addition to exercises that take advantage of the nice weather. Listen to your body and only push yourself as far as you feel comfortable. To learn more check out more of Dr. G’s blog that’s packed with health and wellness tips.