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HCG Weight Loss Program


What is Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Program?

With proven results for the last 25 years, the HCG diet works even when all other programs have failed. Dr. G has tediously researched and analyzed HCG diets from across the country to create his own version of this diet that maximizes results. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), safe for both men and women, is a hormone that stimulates other hormones such as testosterone. When HCG increases testosterone, it builds muscle mass and counteracts muscle breakdown. With carefully calculated protein intake, Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Program preserves muscle tissue during dieting to boost your metabolism and allow you to lose more weight quickly. More muscle increases your metabolism’s efficiency, which leads to an easier time not just losing the weight, but keeping it off.

HCG Weight Loss Advantage

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Why HCG Works

Why Choose Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Program?

Other weight loss approaches such as appetite suppressants and low- calorie fad diets slow your metabolism. You might lose weight initially, but soon weight loss will stop. To have continued weight loss, you need to stimulate your metabolism, and that’s what HCG does. HCG prepares your body for continued weight loss by both activating testosterone and protecting muscle tissue.

Surgeries like gastric bypass lose the weight, too, but there are dangers and long-term complications. Additionally, diet and surgery options fail to specifically target unwanted fats. Dr. G’s HCG program not only tackles these unwanted fats, but also is a safe, natural way to lose weight.

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HCG Weight Loss Program Resources

Because Dr. G takes an integrative medical approach, all the following will be available to you:

  • A safe, physician-guided program with meal options, food lists, meal preparation guidelines and sample menus to help you get started and ensure success
  • An individualized plan for your specific needs, taking into account your medical history, lifestyle, and unique situation
  • Holistic strategies aimed at keeping an ideal, healthy weight for life
  • Dr. G’s medical expertise to help address any underlying causes which may inhibit weight loss
HCG Weight Loss Program Resources

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Dr. Goldfarb is a very smart, professional MD. You’re not just a number and on to the next, like so many I’ve encountered. He takes his time and listens. I feel that he genuinely cares about his patients. His staff are great, all very pleasant and attentive to your needs. I highly recommend this practice.


Very nice doctor who takes his time with you. He has helped me a lot. His staff is very friendly and willing to help you as well.

Ryan A.

Dr. Goldfarb is the best doctor I ever had! He listens, understands and really cares about his patients! As a 61 year young lady, I found myself struggling with the ability to lose weight, anxiety and not sleeping through the night just to name a few. Well after following Dr. Goldfarb’s advice and treatment plan, I lost over 50 lbs. I am happy, healthy and full of energy! By following a healthy lifestyle along with an exercise program to fit my schedule, I feel as good as I did at 21!

Darlene H.