Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Treatment

Getting to your ideal body weight can help you lead a healthier, more fulfilling life, but for those of us that struggle with unwanted weight, the path to achieving optimal health and wellness can appear daunting. Perhaps dieting has left you with extra pounds in tough-to-lose areas, or added extra, unnecessary stress to your daily life.

That’s where Dr. G can help with your personalized weight loss program.

Dr. Goldfarb and his trusted team are dedicated to helping you lose weight, achieve your fitness goals, and get back to a lifestyle you love.

What is Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Program

Dr. G proudly offers HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a naturally occurring hormone, as part of his weight loss program. HCG can help you target stubborn fat stored around your body. This is a very effective option for anyone struggling to lose weight, especially after already trying restricting calories, healthy eating, fad diets, and extreme dieting and exercise regimens. HCG is also safer and less invasive than surgery, which can come with long-term complications.

As a holistic doctor, Dr. Goldfarb understands the benefits that weight loss has on both your physical and mental health. After all, shedding excess weight can help you feel more confident, breathe easier, and perform your day-to-day activities more comfortably — and using HCG during that process can make all the difference in shedding hard-to-lose fat.

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Weight loss at Ngoldfarb

How Does Dr. G’s Weight Loss Program Work?

HCG is a hormone that stimulates your body to naturally produce extra testosterone, which builds muscle mass and counteracts muscle breakdown. In other words, Dr. G’s HCG treatment works by boosting your metabolism during dieting as well as preserving muscle tissue, making it easier to lose more weight and inches quickly — and keep it off.

In addition to using HCG, Dr. G’s weight loss programs incorporate carefully tailored diet plans and a support team to meet your needs. He will also look for underlying conditions that may pose a challenge to losing weight, working with you to craft a regimen that works together with your physiology. Additionally, he will help you set meal preparation guidelines that suit your tastes, goals and preferences. You’ll have extra support with our weekly check-ins to make sure your plan is working right for you.

 Benefits of Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Program

Because unwanted weight impacts everyone’s life differently, your weight loss regimen should be tailored to you to maximize its effectiveness. Before treatment, Dr. Goldfarb spends as much time as needed with you one-on-one to better understand how your excess or unwanted weight affects you throughout the day. Additionally, he will address any underlying medical concerns that often pose a challenge to losing weight. Dr. G makes his HCG diet and weight loss program exceptional with:

Physician Guided icon

Physician - Guided Treatment

You will be in regular contact with Dr. G and his team throughout the program, making sure that you have the support you need to achieve your goal weight.

Customized Plan icon

Customized Plans

Your treatment is set up with your valuable input, and we can adjust it at any time to accommodate changes in your lifestyle, routine, or health concerns.

Holistic Strategies icon

Holistic Strategies

There’s much more to maintaining a healthy weight than just counting calories — and Dr. G is here to help create a holistic weight loss plan specific to you and your most pressing concerns.

Dr. G’s Expertise

Dr. G is a classically trained M.D. with extensive experience in holistic medicine. From decades of helping patients lose weight and improve fitness, he has a deep understanding of dieting, nutrition, exercise, and psychology to help his patients keep the weight off.

 Am I a Candidate for Dr. G’s HCG Weight Loss Program?

Dr. Goldfarb’s physician-guided diet and exercise treatment plans are recommended for anyone who is looking to get rid of at least 10-15 excess pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle. Before enrolling you in his HCG Weight Loss Program, Dr. G first discusses your medical history and ongoing health concerns. After all, a one-on-one consultation is the best way for you and Dr. G to determine if HCG Weight Loss is right for you!

What our Patients say

Laurie Pikus
Laurie Pikus
I hit the lottery when I found Doctor G and his dedicated staff! Once I realized I needed help with my addiction I searched for help in many places. Three treatment centers and five doctors and seven years later I found Doctor Goldfarb. I have been clean for most of the past five years. ( I had one small fall back ) but even then the whole staff put in every effort to keep me on the right path…and they succeeded! First of all when you walk in you do NOT feel judged or looked down upon by Michelle and Gina. They make you feel like you are any other patient not an addict. I don’t know about you but many of the other doctors offices I’ve tried I felt unwelcome and less than! You will not get that treatment from Doctor G’s staff. They will treat you like a person and go above and beyond to help you with whatever they can! They are wonderful people! Then there is Doctor G himself! He is wonderful. He really takes the time to talk with you and find out what your issues really are! He will be very honest and tell you like it is but he is very fair , understanding, intelligent, and helpful! He will work with you on any issue you have and follow through with wanting to know if his suggestions or ideas are working! He also does not make you feel less than in any way , shape, or form. I would definitely recommend him for any addict! I also know that the staff and Doctor G do other wellness programs. Whatever you are searching for you should call them! They all represent “ excellent care” and that is what we are all looking to find! Thank you Doctor G, Michelle, and Gina! I couldn’t have done this without you! Five stars! ***** Laurie Pikus
Justin Rupert
Justin Rupert
I have been seeing Dr. Goldfarb for the last 15 months. My experience thus far, has been nothing short of excellent! In the time I have been seeing him he has helped me to overcome obstacles that I once thought to be insurmountable, and has helped me to regain a proper perspective on life. He listens to his patients, and works with them to come up w/ healthy solutions to challenges they may be struggling with. I am so grateful for his service.
Darrell Spence
Darrell Spence
Dr. G is amazing! Very knowledgeable and caring to your needs. While giving the best advice for your journey in recovery, he will provide the best care and has great supplements to enhance your wellness and wellbeing! The staff is also absolutely amazing and nothing but class!
Mel F.
Mel F.
Dr. Goldfarb has helped resolve ongoing hormone issues that have plagued me for years. I've finally found relief where countless providers have tried & failed. I attribute that to not really listening to my complaints, and just deciding to subscribe something I didn't need and would only treat symptoms. Dr. Goldfarb tailors my treatment to my issues, not just basing it on demographics and an overall likely diagnosis. He and his staff have been nothing but kind and supportive, and often go out of their way to help with extra needs. Have recommended him to friends & family and I'm overall very happy.
Erica Leary
Erica Leary
I’ve been going to the doctor office for the last seven months!! Because of the secretaries and doctors!! And lab tech is fabulous she’s always smiling!! I was able to change my life completely!! In so many ways!! I graduated from college this past May and if it wasn’t for the The program I wouldn’t be where I’m at today..10 out of 10 recommend!! thank you guys for everything you do❤️
Jimmy Waler
Jimmy Waler
Dr. Goldfarb is the best pain management physician I’ve ever seen. He takes the time to listen to you and had helped me manage my pain. His entire staff is pleasant and accommodating. Michelle is always happy to assist me whenever I need to change an appointment or obtain documents. There is no other doctors office like Dr. Goldfarb’s. I appreciate everything they do for me.
The entire team from the doctors to the receptionist desk is absolutely great! I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for me over the last year. Finally gave me control of my life back and am finally able to be pain free most of the time! If you’re looking for help and believe you should start maintenance medication,this is the place to go! They don’t make you go through hula hoops like some other places and they match the care to your specific needs! Dr.Piscitelli is awesome, couldn’t ask for a better doctor and the ladies up there are fantastic!
Bella Solano
Bella Solano
Dr. Goldfarb and his staff have helped me turn my life around. This is the best place I've found for my hormone issues -- Everyone here makes you feel welcome and cared for. This is the only place you need to help you get back on track. I'm sleeping better, I'm more focused, and I'm more present in my kid's life.

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