Wintertime Blues? Try These Smart Exercise Tips

Dr. G’s Exercise Tips During Winter Month

As soon as we bid farewell to warmer temperatures and all the opportunities for fun outdoor activities, we also can kiss our exercise routine goodbye. While some people are able to maintain a regular exercise routine, most people fall victim to the temptations of the holidays, such as choosing a slice of pumpkin pie over a 45 minute Zumba class. Just because it can be tough to stay on top of your fitness schedule doesn’t mean you should call it quits. Sure, our natural instinct during the winter months is to slow down and give into all the different comfort foods calling your name, but there are a few things you can do to maintain a healthy waistline during the holidays.

Working out on Holidays

First and foremost, it is important for you to take a realistic approach to exercising during the holidays and cut yourself some slack. This time of year is stressful enough, the last thing you need to do is beat yourself up for not making it to the gym five days a week. It is important to remember that whenever you take time out of your day to walk around the block or engage in any type of exercise, you are doing something nice – and healthy – for your body. So, how exactly do you find the right balance between getting everything done during the holidays, not wanting to go outside in the snow, and still staying active? We have a few smart exercise hacks to help you do just that:

  • Plan Ahead – Whether you are someone who loves planning ahead or not, scheduling your workouts in advance is the best way you can maintain a solid exercise routine. Especially when you are traveling, take a peek at your schedule while you are away, and if you see an opening, make a note to engage in some sort of activity Take a peek at your schedule, and if you see an opening, make a note to engage in some sort of activity.
  • Be Realistic – You don’t need to get in an hour workout every single day, or even three times a week. As long as you are doing something, you are on the right track. This could be a 30-minute home yoga session, or quick jog around the park, or cross country skiing.
  • Get Creative – Sure, it can be hard to get motivated to exercise during the winter months, which is why a little creativity can go a long way. Depending on where you live, there are probably tons of opportunities to get outside and stay active during the winter months. From snowboarding to snowshoeing, ice skating, or even just taking a brisk walk in the cool winter air, think outside the box!
  • Find a Workout Buddy – No one likes working out alone, especially when the weather is less than inviting. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to find a partner that will push you to stay on top of your fitness goals, while you do the same for them. If you are travelling during the holidays, enlist a fitness-minded family member that will be your holiday workout buddy.

Try these alternative to help you stay on top of your fitness – and your health – this winter. And remember, it is important for you to take care of yourself during this time of year, which means sometimes giving yourself a break. Moderation and balance are key this time of year, in everything that you do.