Why You Need to See an Allergist

What Can I Do About Allergies?

If you spend your days stifling coughs, scraping the bottom of tissue boxes, and having to constantly slow down to catch your breath, it’s time to consider your allergy treatment options. Allergies are an annoying and uncomfortable reality for many Americans who feel there’s no real way to treat them and medication will only alleviate their symptoms. Primary care physicians are likely to suggest over-the-counter medications to treat symptoms, but not the underlying cause of the allergies. Unfortunately, these medications only offer temporary relief, but many people’s quality of life and daily routine are severely inhibited by allergies. You won’t find the ultimate answer to your allergies with over-the-counter medications, so it’s time to schedule an appointment with an allergist and free yourself from chronic allergies.

When Should I See An Allergist? 

You may have already become accustomed to a life of coughing or watering eyes, but you don’t have to be. Symptoms like difficulty breathing, chronic sinus infections, tightness in your chest, and any other side effects that are unable to be remedied by over-the-counter medications are all warning signs that it’s time for you to see an allergist. If you are experiencing symptoms of asthma or have been previously diagnosed with asthma but are using ineffective asthma medication, you should make a consultation with an allergist to explore other treatment options. Your quality of life should not be reduced as a result of allergies. So, if you are experiencing any discomfort, inconvenience, or illness as a result of allergies, it is time to reach out to an allergist.

What Does An Allergist Do?

Your allergist will take a comprehensive history of your symptoms, overall health, and family medical history to gain a complete picture of what may be causing your allergies. It can be helpful to go over the details of your allergies, like common symptoms, environmental triggers, and timing of symptoms to prepare for your allergist’s appointment. If possible, ask family members if they have any history of allergies. Using this information together with testing will be helpful to see what allergies you may have. Based on this information, your allergist will be able to create your customized plan of action.

What Are Allergy Drops?

Allergy drops immunotherapy is the most convenient and effective method of allergy treatment we have at our disposal. Allergists specially trained in this treatment modality can create a unique blend of allergic extracts based on your individual test results. You begin to introduce the allergy drops to your system in small, daily doses underneath your tongue. Whereas over-the-counter medications are designed to relieve symptoms, allergy drops are designed with allergy reversal in mind. Allergy drops are administered in the convenience of your own home. They become an easy and painless addition to your lifestyle. Because allergy drops are so easy and convenient to use, they have a very high compliance rate. Five out of every six patients complete therapy and achieve long-lasting immunity. With allergy shots, only one-third ever finish treatment. This makes allergy drops an easy choice in your recovery. Most importantly, however, allergy drops immunotherapy is a real solution to your suffering and not just symptom-focused. They address your allergies head-on, resulting in a permanent, sustainable cure to allergies.

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Allergist in Solon

Located in Solon, Ohio, the Integrative Medicine and Wellness Center is run by Dr. Nosson Goldfarb, whose holistic approach to medicine means better treatment plans and permanent results for you. His in-depth and customized approach to allergy treatments is complemented by the convenience and effectiveness he knows you want and need. Once he has identified your allergies, he will create a customized blend of allergy drops that can be delivered right to your door. That means less time spent driving to the doctors and more time enjoying your allergy-free life.


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