Freedom from Fall Allergies


Dr. G’s Allergy Treatments

With the arrival of Cleveland’s beautiful fall foliage comes a new challenge for many-seasonal allergies. While we know spring is a tough season for allergy sufferers, fall can be just as unpleasant. Ragweed releases pollen in August which can last well into November and travel hundreds of miles. Mold is also especially rampant in the fall because it thrives in dark, wet places like piles of damp leaves. Even the task of turning on your heat can be perilous for those with allergies. Dust mites that live in bedding all year long become even more prevalent once the colder weather kicks in and the heat gets turned on.

These allergens cause pesky symptoms that rob you of the fun and productivity fall should bring. How can you truly enjoy your cup of warm cider when you are coughing and have a runny nose? How can you go apple picking when you are sneezing with itchy eyes? How can you concentrate on work when you are overtired and miserable? Seasonal allergy symptoms get in the way of everyday tasks and fun fall activities for the family.

This year in Cleveland, allergies may be worse than ever. The warm weather extends the allergy season since ragweed lives longer and spreads for a longer period of time. Not only will those with allergies suffer longer, but those without allergies may also begin to develop symptoms due to the longer exposure to allergens. What can we do to fight these fall allergies before they ruin our autumnal bliss?

One of the most effective allergy treatments is allergy immunotherapy or allergy shots. While these shots ultimately prevent allergy symptoms, there are downsides to this treatment. They are inconvenient, as allergy shots require weekly injections by a doctor and therefore take up a lot of time with trips back and forth to the doctor’s office. Also, these injections can be painful and cause itchiness, redness, and swelling –ironically, some of the same symptoms as allergies themselves. Because of these downsides, allergy shots are clearly not the ideal solution to allergies. Luckily, Dr. Goldfarb has a safer, more effective, and less painful alternative.

Dr. Goldfarb’s life-changing treatment is allergy drop immunotherapy. It works like a vaccine –patients place drops under their tongues to introduce small amounts of the allergen to the body in order to build up antibodies to provide protection against the allergic response. The best part about Dr. Goldfarb’s allergy drops is that you can complete the treatment AT HOME! This eliminates repetitive trips to the doctor’s office, allows for travel during the fall months, and frees up time for your favorite pumpkin-spiced activities!

Also, getting started on allergy drops is simple and easy. Dr. Goldfarb does all the needed lab work in his office to determine what allergies require treatment. He will get results within a week at which point you can start your individualized allergy drops!

These drops alleviate symptoms as well as reduce the amount of allergy medicine needed in the future, but these powerful drops don’t stop there. What is so revolutionary about Dr. Goldfarb’s allergy drops is that they reverse allergies and can even prevent asthma. While allergy medications simply mitigate symptoms, allergy drops go beyond just masking symptoms and instead tackle the root of the problem. On top of that, Dr. Goldfarb can treat children as young as four and start building their protection so that they have minimal to no allergy symptoms in their lives.

The seasons are changing, the leaves are turning colors, and it’s time to change the way you handle seasonal allergies. Fall is the ideal time to begin treatment to eliminate symptoms now and build up protection for the spring. To fight back against allergies and even permanently reverse them, talk to Dr. Goldfarb. Call or schedule a consultation at 440-530-9316​ today!