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Allergy Drop Treatment


How Dr. G’s Allergy Drops Work

Dr. G’s Allergy Drops provide a permanent reversal to the allergen instead of masking symptoms like over-the-counter medications.

During your initial office visit, we complete a simple blood test to see if you have allergies and what allergies need treatment.

Then, like any vaccine, we introduce a small amount of the allergic substance as drops that you place under your tongue. Because you administer the drops from the comfort of your home, Allergy Drops easily fit into your lifestyle. Unlike shots, there’s NO PAIN and you do not have to visit the office for treatments.

The dose increases every month until we reach a maintenance level. It is possible to see benefits and relief from sneezing, itching, and runny nose in 3-4 months. In the meantime, Dr. G has a number of natural products and proven innovative methods to help ease your allergy symptoms that are only available through his practice.

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Allergy drops for treating seasonal allergies and asthma

Allergy Drops and Asthma

10% of children suffer from hay fever and asthma. Because Allergy Drops are so safe, we are able to treat children as young as 5 years old to help prevent them from developing asthma later in life. Research has shown that Allergy Drops can sometimes even reverse the effects of asthma, reducing medications or making them obsolete. Call Dr. G to learn about how you can prevent your children from suffering from asthma and even reverse your own allergies.

What about Allergy shots?

Allergy Drops and Allergy Shots treat symptoms similarly, however, there are several downsides to shots:

  • Injections can be painful and cause itchiness, redness, and swelling.
  • Because you have to receive weekly treatments in the office, they are inconvenient
  • Shots only have a 35% compliance rate. (Only 1/3 get the benefits.)

Benefits of Allergy Drops

  • They are convenient, and you administer them at home daily instead of going to weekly doctor visits
  • Drops are individualized for your specific allergies and safe enough for kids to use
  • They are a permanent solution to allergies, as they go beyond symptoms and address the source of the problem
  • Because Allergy Drops can be taken in the comfort of your home and are made specifically for your individual allergies, they have an 85% compliance rate. This means Allergy Drops are 40% more effective than allergy shots.
Patient suffering from allergies in Cleveland

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Dr G was a huge part of me having 6 months opiate and suboxone free. His staff is amazing and easy to work with.

Jayse D.

I have suffered with seasonal allergies for 30 plus years with the last several becoming so bad I would need a steroid shot. I tried everything including allergy shots and nothing worked. After using the drops this past year, I have had the best allergy season in over 30 years. Dr. Goldfarb has even helped my mother, wife, and two daughters obtain a better quality of life while other doctors were not able to help them with their lack of energy and allergies. Thank You Dr. Goldfarb! He is worth the drive!

Jon I.