Freedom from Fall Allergies

Dr. G's Allergy Treatments With the arrival of Cleveland's beautiful fall foliage comes a new challenge for many-seasonal allergies. While we know spring is a tough season for allergy sufferers, fall can be just as unpleasant. Ragweed releases pollen in...

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Stay Heat Healthy with Dr. G

Dr. Goldfarb's Tips to Stay Heat Healthy This Summer   How about this heat, huh? It’s no surprise that this summer is already getting hot. What is surprising is just how easily that extra hot day can lead to heat exhaustion, or worse yet, heatstroke. Dr. G knows how...

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The Best Way To Beat Seasonal Allergies

Potential Treatment for Seasonal Allergies   Did you know that one in five people in America suffer from allergies, asthma or both? That’s over 36 million allergy patients and at least fifteen million more asthmatics. And that number is on the rise with the prevalence...

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Springtime’s Main Offenders

Effective Ways to Stop Springtime Allergies   Spring is in the air. With the return of the robins, rain showers, and gardens so too comes the dread of seasonal allergies. For so many Americans, the annual struggle searching for allergy cures and relief that actually...

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Spring Exercises You Have to Try

Exercises That Take Advantage of the Nice Weather Has it finally stopped snowing? Are we positive? Okay, good! One thing we love about spring is the simple pleasure found in finally being able to enjoy the outdoors again without shivering under ten layers...

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5 Common Causes of Fall Allergies

What Are the Common Causes of Fall Allergies?   Leaves They may be fun to jump around in, stuff into bags, and step on in crunchy satisfaction, but many people are allergic to various kinds of tree leaves. Plus they can harbor insects and other things you could be...

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