These 5 Vegan Products Aren’t All That Good For You. Here’s Why. 

Vegan Products That is NOT Too Good for Your Health


1. Oreos


Believe it or not, Oreos are vegan. But that does not make them all that healthy. They are loaded with added refined white sugar. On top of that, they are made from bleached white flour, which has almost zero nutritional value. They also pack plenty of calories: just 2 cookies has 140 calories! When was the last time you at just 2 Oreos in one sitting?

2. “Diet” drinks like Vitaminwater


Vitaminwater might be vegan and refreshing, but that does not make it healthy. A serving is 120 calories! Plus, each serving contains around 32 grams of added sugar with pretty much little else going on. While it does contain vitamins, they don’t make up for those calories and sugar.

3. Deep Fried Veggie Snacks

Deep Fried Veggie Snacks

Whether they are potato chips or kale chips, these tempting vegan snacks wrack up the sodium and calories. Potato chips have little nutritional value and are mostly carbs and salt. While deep fried veggie snacks may have some more nutrition, they are still sodium bombs in many cases.

4. Granola


Yep, granola. While it has a healthy reputation, most recipes are loaded with calories, even vegan ones. Just a quarter cup is around 200 calories! Instead of using it like a meal, try eating it with something else, like fruit.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

The hot new replacement for any sort of fat, especially in vegan treats, it seems. Be aware, however, that just like any saturated fat, it should be eaten in moderation. It’s still just as calorific as any other saturated fat.