Does Being Cold Give You A Cold?

Mom might have always scolded you to put on a jacket before heading out in the fall, “because you’ll catch a cold.” But is that true? Does being cold mean you’ll get a cold?

Cold Itself Doesn’t Cause Disease

Does Being Cold Give You A Cold?Diseases, like the cold or flu, are caused by viruses, and some others are caused by bacteria, along with a few other causes like prions. Temperature, in and of itself, does not cause illness. To get sick, these viruses or bacteria need to get the better of your immune system.

So what’s behind the old bit of advice to bundle up? Even if the cold cannot cause illness, it can make you more vulnerable to getting sick. That’s because your immune system is more susceptible to illness because cold conditions can weaken it.

You’re Spending More Time Inside

As the colder months come around, people spend more time indoors. It is cold, after all. This means you spend more time in confined spaces around other people. That allows far more chances for diseases to spread around. And if you do have an immune system that is already weakened because of the cold, it is practically the perfect storm to get sick in.

What You Can Do

As always, eating right and exercise can help keep diseases at bay. Make sure to keep active and eat healthy. And when in doubt, see your doctor.