Allergy Drops: What To Expect

Dr. Goldfarb’s Popular Allergy Treatment


Allergy DropsOne of the most frequent questions at the office regards sublingual therapy, our popular allergy treatment more commonly known as allergy drops.

Not only are allergy drops effective in treating the symptoms of multiple allergic reactions, they are one of the few treatments that have ability to actually CURE patients of their allergies over time. As the popularity of allergy drops increases, many prospective patients want to know what they should expect when beginning allergy drop treatment.

During your initial visit, Dr. Goldfarb will do a blood test to determine which allergens are affecting you. After tailoring a specific formula based on your needs your prescription allergy drops can be delivered right to your doorstep. This eliminates the need for filling a prescription at a busy drug store; not to mention the repeated doctor’s visits that other treatments like allergy shots demand.

How to Take Prescription Allergy Drops

Allergy dropsSimply administer a few drops under the tongue from the convenience of your own home. Tasteless and odorless, patients are often surprised at just how non-invasive drop treatment actually is. Dosages are determined upon the patient’s needs and will gradually increase over time to build up a level of tolerance until the effects of the offending allergies are nullified.

Because every patient’s allergy drops are formulated precisely for their individual needs, side effects are rare. There can be minor swelling or itching at the site where the drops are initially administered but this is mild, if at all. As with taking nearly any medication, there is a possibility for an occasional upset stomach or nausea, but again, this too, is mild.

In addition to tailoring your allergy drop prescription to meet your specific needs, you’ll visit with Dr. G on a quarterly schedule just to make sure the treatments continue to remain effective as well as to address any concerns you may have. Perhaps allergy drop treatment’s most well-received feature is the control to which your physician can manage your dosage and concentration if at any time if you feel it is either too strong or ineffective.

Most patients report relief from their allergic symptoms beginning right away. If taken consistently for the duration of time that your doctor prescribes, allergy drops can prove an effective cure to allergies. Going above and beyond the efficacy of other treatment options while remaining precise and gentle enough to prescribe for infants, it is no wonder allergy drops are quickly becoming the most powerful and effective means in allergy treatment.

To learn more about allergy drop treatment and if it’s right for you, please contact our office to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. G today!