5 Common Causes of Fall Allergies

What Are the Common Causes of Fall Allergies?


5 Common Causes of Fall AllergiesLeaves

They may be fun to jump around in, stuff into bags, and step on in crunchy satisfaction, but many people are allergic to various kinds of tree leaves. Plus they can harbor insects and other things you could be allergic to, like rodents. If you find yourself sneezing around leaves, it may be best to get them out of there when fall arrives.


Hay rides might be fun, and stuffing a scarecrow for Halloween could provide the right kind of spooky, but many people are allergic to hay. It also shows up in all manner of seasonal fall baskets, place settings, and more, so if you are allergic to hay, be careful.

Staying Inside More

It gets cooler during the fall, and that means many people stay inside more. While you may not be exposed to outdoor allergens as much in this situation, you are exposed to more indoor ones. These can include dust mites, pets, various fibers, paints, chemicals, and more.

Drier Air

If you find that your allergies get worse the drier is, that means the drying out coming up could hit you hard. Nasal sprays could help, along with making sure your home and workplace are at proper humidity levels and that humidifiers run along with furnaces. Fall and winter are often dry and taxing on the nose.

Changing Seasons

Fall causes some plants to start to go dormant while others may have a last burst of life or suddenly release seeds. This could cause you to have allergic reactions. Allergy drops are an easy-to-take method of dealing with these and many other forms of allergies. Contact us today for a consultation!