4 Fad Diets that Fail, and One That Works

Keep These Fad Diets Off!


4 Fad Diets that Fail, and One That WorksFad diets are always around. Lose weight fast! Keep it off! But there are some truly terrible examples out there, and one that may work for you.

The Sunlight Diet

The bright name hides the fact that you don’t actually eat anything on this diet. Not that you eat less; you eat nothing. Followers believe you’ll get all the nutrients you need from sunlight. The exact way that happens isn’t really ever explained, though.

The Tapeworm Diet

A historical fad diet. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You swallowed a tapeworm, and the idea was the tapeworm took all the calories from the food you ate so that you wouldn’t end up with them in your system. Sounds great, right? Except for the intestinal damage, and ultimate malnutrition that resulted, that is.

The Cabbage and Water Diet

Another one that’s exactly what it sounds like. It may have worked in the short term, but all you get is cabbage and water. Not exactly an appetizing menu.

The Liquids Only Diet

Much like the cabbage and water diet, except whatever calories you get, they must be in liquid form. Juices and water, mostly, that is. No actual solid food means hunger pangs and plenty of treks to the bathroom a day. Maybe that’ll be a workout, though?

Then What Works?

After all these diet fails, which one does Dr. Goldfarb endorse? He recommends his own individualized weight loss program (using HCG). Unlike other HCG diets, Dr. Goldfarb works with you during the diet. He uses actual HCG injections, not disproven over-the-counter concoctions, to keep down hunger pangs, and he continually keeps an eye on your health. After that period is over, he consistently makes sure that you’re both working together to alter your food habits for the better and for good.