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Integrative Wellness Programs in Solon, OH

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Dr. G’s Wellness Programs for Total Health

Aging affects both men and women in different ways. If you are dealing with any unexplainable symptoms or just want to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we are here for you. Dr. G will take the time to integrate a tailored wellness program for your specific needs.  Explore some of the customizable programs Dr. G can create with you.

Dr. G’s Approach to Thyroid Disorders

Most conventional doctors only do one or two thyroid blood tests, but that simply isn’t enough. Labs are a helpful tool, but only one part of the bigger picture. Dr. G has seen many patients with thyroid disorders that didn’t show based on lab results alone. As a result, many people who suspect they have a thyroid problem, are misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

Dr. G wants to treat YOU, not just your lab work. He takes the time to look at all hormone deficiencies and imbalances on top of family history and lab work.

Here are some of the common symptoms associated with thyroid disorder:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Dry Skin
  • Constipation

If you have symptoms but are told your thyroid condition is fully treated, be aware that a deeper look might reveal otherwise. Schedule an appointment with Dr. G to see if a thyroid disorder may be impacting your life.

Thyroid Disorders

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. G’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age, hormone levels decline and can negatively affect stamina, libido, weight, and muscle mass. Additionally, these hormone imbalances increase cardiovascular risk and bone loss. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) can help alleviate symptoms and reduce risks, by copying the body’s natural hormones to restore a healthy balance.

Dr. G customizes BHRT for your specific needs, as he offers different hormone replacement options and methods of delivery, including prescriptions, supplements, creams, and injections. He works with you, taking into account your history, a physical, and your bloodwork to find the most effective BHRT for you. With BHRT, you can feel like you’re back in your 30s and 40s!

Everyone is different, so have a discussion with a knowledgeable physician to find out if BHRT is right for you. Schedule an appointment to discuss BHRT with Dr. G.

Dr. G’s Treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Most treatment for Fibromyalgia focuses only on managing symptoms like body aches, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, cognitive problems, and reoccurring infections. Dr. G, however, provides an intensive well-rounded management program for a more effective treatment.

Chronic Fatigue is marked by extreme exhaustion lasting 6 months or longer. While past treatments only suggested bed rest and anti-depressants, Dr. G works with you to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach.

Here are some symptoms you may be experiencing:

• Impairment in short term memory or concentration
• Sore throat
• Tender neck or lymph nodes
• Muscle pain
• Multi-joint pain without swelling or redness
• Headaches of a new type, pattern, or severity
• Unrefreshing sleep
• Fatigue lasting more than 24 hours

By taking a patient-centered approach to treatment, Dr. G has achieved over a 90% success rate in helping patients get their lives back. While few doctors and patients understand these complicated disorders, Dr. G has done extensive research that has led to a clear, proven, individualized protocol. Dr. G spends the time to explain the underlying causes of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and offers an affordable treatment plan. To learn more, schedule an appointment and read Dr. G’s blog.

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

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Dr. G is a godsend. I have already labeled him as my angel! I’m a very active individual, and when I met him and his staff, I literally couldn’t hardly walk and/or lift my arms—very scary feeling at 30 years old! Thought my life would consist of a wheelchair as no other doctors or specialists could figure out anything wrong with me. I feel Dr. G and his crew perform miracles as they take the time to talk with you and run the tests to get to the bottom of issues going on, He has been worth the 3 hours drive (one way), and I wouldn’t consider going to any other doctor now. I have my quality of life back 🙂

Shelly C.

What can I say about Dr. Goldfarb and Michelle and Staff…they are a godsend. Dr. Goldfarb saved my life in every way possible. Thank you for everything that you do. He cared very much about your health and will be involved in everyway he can. I recently had surgery and Dr. Goldfarb was involved talking with the surgeon and anesthesiologist to make sure they understood my condition to make sure they worked with me to keep me out of pain. Dr. Goldfarb talks with you and gets to know you personally and cares about how you are doing—bad or good. I can always count on Dr. Goldfarb and his wonderful staff. Take a chance and call them. You’ll be thankful you did. I’ve been with them over 1 year now, and I have my life back.

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